If self is a location, so is love
Bearings taken, markings, cardinal points,
Options, obstinacies,
dug heels and distance

Here and there,
and now and then, a stance.

Seamus Heaney






As a point of departure, Harbouring is the concept for a collection of new work charting a voyage of cultural identity and personal history for, Irish potter Jack Doherty.

I was born into a family of fishermen. As a child the harbour was the most fascinating place in my universe; a space charged with emotional content that shaped my world.”

Harbouring looks past the physical interpretation of the structural and architectural form of the harbour to focus on the abstract. The fugitive nature of Harbouring is to conceal or to keep safe from harm and protect from being seen, found, observed or discovered.

Doherty envisages the harbour as a container; not only as a place of refuge, shelter and sanctuary but as a place of transition. The embracing symbolism of the vessel as guardian is both universal and primal. Navigating the relationship between inside and outside, the edges and liminal spaces of the harbour, holding thoughts and memories defined somewhere between land and carved from the sea.